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Insurance & Financial Services Success Stories

Insurance Success Stories

Connecticut is home to the greatest number of insurance professionals per capita, and the insurance/financial services industry contributes nearly $55 billion — 22% — to our gross state product. Hartford continues to build and shape itself as an InsurTech hub, and businesses are vying for a location in the historic heart of the insurance industry. On a regional scale, Hartford leads the way in jobs and output, as compared to others:

City Jobs Location Quotient Output
Hartford, CT 33,487 6.71 $13.78 billion
Des Moines, IA 20,215 6.64 $6.22 billion
Columbus, OH 21,083 2.53 $5.88 billion
Bloomington, IL 16,954 24.98 $5.11 billion
Louisville, KY 15,858 3.09 $4.12 billion

As the Insurance Capital of the World, the Hartford Region benefits from a bounty of companies that have chosen the area for business, including: