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Defense and aerospace have an impact of $11 billion regionally and $22 billion statewide. The Hartford Region is a top 5 Overall Aerospace Metro and #1 in Aerospace Engine Manufacturing Jobs (BLS, 2019). Our region also produces $7 billion in aircraft engine exports to destinations such as France, Germany and Canada.

United Technologies Corporation and Pratt & Whitney lead the aerospace industry in the Hartford Region. United Technologies recently said it projects revenue to climb 15% in 2019 and will hire tens of thousands of workers in the coming years. Read more about UTC’s historic growth here.

Hartford has made tremendous strides in becoming a leader in the aerospace sector. Hartford is home to “Aerospace Alley,” an extensive network of thousands of advanced manufacturing firms that draw from the fifth most productive workforce in the country. There’s also the $75 million Connecticut Manufacturing Innovation Fund that, among other things, encourages R&D and funds workforce training and upskill opportunities.

Regional Aerospace Companies

  • Pratt & Whitney
  • United Technologies
  • Kaman
  • Barnes Corporation
  • Sikorsky
  • Honeywell
  • Lee Company
  • Collins
  • Whitcraft

Aerospace Jobs Breakdown

The Hartford Region has the quantity and quality of skilled engineers (aerospace, industrial, mechanical) companies need at affordable prices. This affordability can offset the expensive cost of assemblers. Additionally, the unmatched size of our aerospace engine and parts market can easily absorb new business.

Aviation Success Stories

Jonal Laboratories

Jonal Laboratories manufactures complex aerospace seal solutions including molded rubber, metal-bonded and composite materials. They have doubled their workforce in recent years, adding new chemists, engineers and other positions. They have even established a second shift to their schedule and have purchased approximately 40,000 SF of floor space to accommodate their growth and needs in the Hartford Region.